TheGoodLife! FC at adidas FANATIC ’16 NYC

As the saying goes “Football is Life.” Nothing feels more true each year than the glorious day that is FANATIC, adidas’ global small side football tournament at Pier 5 in Brooklyn. TheGoodLife! FC impatiently waits all year for it, obsessing over kit design, roster selection, and desired results. Then, like a flash, FANATIC is over, with another year in the way of the next one. TheGoodLife! FC is proud to say that this year was quite possibly the most fun yet! The combination of cool weather and even light on the Brooklyn waterfront was literally perfect, our kits were pure fire, and our squad both on and off the pitch was extra official. We made it through to the Quarterfinals with some impressive victories along the way and were only stopped by the eventual champions, The Smile, who have become our defacto rival in the tournament. What a day! Scroll down for mad looks at the action by Coach Craig featuring Captain Timbo, Leo, Lais, Dids, Libero, Conectao, Status, and Soccer Sam plus an assorted cast of characters from TheGoodLife! Fam! See you next year!

Keeper Noah Conectao and TheGoodLife! FC youth!

Captain Timbo lacing up his boots. Shout out to Heritage Tonsorial in Bed Stuy for that cut!

Lais Araujo made her first FANATIC appearance count – she was a boss on the ball!

Timbo heads into battle!

Dids also earned her first FANATIC Cap plus scored one of the team’s filthiest goals!

TGLFC! Fam Stretch Armstrong & Sara Glick (even though she played for another team)

Brasilian forward Leo was a force to reckoned with!

With or without the ball.

Libero was literally smashing holes in the opposition’s defense!

Dr. Sky Gellatly attending to Florencia Galarza on the Kith bench.

Just in time to contend with a thunder strike from Soccer Sam.

All walls fear Leo!

Brandee Brown was out there getting her snack on!

Miss Lily’s Fam in the house!

Proof the ref saw Status take a hard foul to the back against Three Kings. C’mon guy!!

Lais in motion.

Team safety meeting.

TheGoodLife! FC always keeps it friendly.

Except for the keeper!

Dids shoots, she scores!

Kinfolk…sponsored by XANAX!

TGLFC’s Brasilian Ultra’s ERASMO and PIXOTE.

Siggy couldn’t play but she was there repping to her Icelandic core.


FANATIC'16_28Much love to Bradley & Barbara…Nothing but pink hearts & big smiles!

And extra special thanks to our partners Woolrich for keeping us comfy with a special edition TGLFC! Gettysburg blanket and to Burton Snowboards for the fresh team bags!

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