TheGoodLife! “Camp Nice” 2017 – Super Re-Cap Extravaganza!

Have you ever wished you could go back to some of the experiences of your youth but in your adult body with all the wisdom and sense of self you’ve acquired since? We have too. And as firm believers that anything is possible, we’ve taken it a step further and turned that wish into a reality! Welcome to Camp Nice, the ultimate summer camp for adults! What started as an idea for a little camp excursion for the autumnal equinox has evolved over the past four years into a one of a kind communal adventure for family and friends of TheGoodLife! This year was far and beyond the most epic Camp Nice yet! Moving to a new location nestled in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains along the Great Appalachian Valley, Camp Nice 2017 was a private wilderness paradise that included a lake and fleet of boats, miles of hiking terrain, an archery range, an arts & crafts hut, even a haunted cabin in the woods! On top of that there were literally acres of available camping zones, a central cabin village, and both bathing and kitchen facilities meaning campers could go as camp or as glamp as they wanted, no judgement here! If that wasn’t enough, we had the generous support of Burton Snowboards, Cutty Sark Whisky, ABK Beer, and Unreal Snacks, who all contributed in major ways to amplify the Camp Nice experience. From Burton providing extensive camping equipment from their collection with Big Agnes to Cutty Sark throwing a multi-course “Pioneer Dinner” cooked over the fire to ABK keeping Camp Nice hydrated with beer for a week to Unreal Snacks hooking up the best s’mores this side of the Mississippi, this years sponsors were next level. And so were the campers. Representing the wide diversity of TheGoodLife! Fam, 2017’s crop of campers were a radical group of artists, musicians, photographers, models, writers, chefs, activists, and athletes, whose collective creative energy was unmatched. Needless to say, we created some beyond epic experiences! Please settle in and get ready for some major camp vibes as we present the Camp Nice Super Re-Cap Extravaganza! All film photography by Craig Wetherby. Words by Tim Brodhagen. Can’t wait for next year!!

Calling all campers…

Yung Sig was one of the first to arrive…

And she got settled in pretty nice at her lakeside tent zone in the Burton x Big Agnes classic!

Our new camp mascot Hubert the Heron swooped on by for a sunset welcome…

While Siggy earned the first Boating Badge!

Akira & Amaya got right on Fire Badge duty as soon as the sun set…

Fire Badge EARNED!

Welcome to CAMP NICE! We have arrived!!

Blue popped up the Red Hook Snack Bar and got his Grill Master Badge on with the quickness!


Tono was enjoying the goodness!

Becky, Bree & Cass got theirs!

And so did Rata…YUM!

You know Pat wasn’t sleeping on this either.

Then it was time to start smoking the meat for the Cutty Sark Pioneer Grill!

YUP! Very official!

And might as well add some ABK Beer to the mix!

We were definitely STOCKED UP!

Plenty of Cutty to go around too!

As we got into the night the drinks started flowing!

Blue was focused!

But it was well worth the wait! We all eat right at Camp Nice!

Very NICE!

Thanks to John & Jennifer for getting down with us!

Oscar the Owl was feeling the Cutty merch too!

Now it was S’Mores time! And our friends at Unreal came thru with the healthy vegan goodness!



Toasted bagels were definitely on the breakfast menu!

Our library got a nice upgrade this year with Ricky Powell’s latest creation The Individualist! Thank you!

Yup! Even The Lazy Hustler came thru this year!

Next up was Arts & Crafts time with some custom Camp Nice screen printing with Tono!

Heather whipped up a nice one!

Everyone got their tie dye on!

Blotto got busy!

Erika was a pro!

Chenoah got crafty with it too! Thank you Cass!

Petey aka DJ Smoke L.E.S. was in the house!

Joe’s Pizza!

Arts & Crafts Badges for all!

All the colors were definitely pretty trippy…

Now it was time to earn some Archery Badges with Coach Becky!

Hannah was a sharp shooter..


And so was Timbo!

Emma was pretty on point!

Blotto had that eagle eye!

It was unseasonably hot out so we had to get back in the water! Hannah couldn’t wait!

Siggy & Sable were ready to go!

Chenoah was down too!

Cass was doing it right!

Even tho Pat was trying to harsh her mellow…

Looked very refreshing!


After some fun in the sun it was time start chilling hard in the hammock. Hannah earned her Rigging Badge!

Pat didn’t waste any time…after all he had a very chillactive day!

Cass was down too!

Catch of the Day!

Paella Time!

Thats right…


Sunsets were proper!

Moonsets were better!

But Becky’s Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler was even better…

Becky is kinda the BEST if you haven’t heard…

She’s always down for an adventure…


Siggy & Sable are pretty badass too!


Cass got higher than most…

Emma earned style points…

TJ dropped in!

Sable got her eagle on!

Too much fun ! ! !

Sebas was a natural!

Aimz was glowing with joy!

Teamwork makes the dream work! Especially when wearing Pats Pants!!

But wait…Back to Becky…She even shoots arrows in a kimono!!


Miranda stays WINNING!

And so does Erika!

TJ was winning too!

Jesse thought he had the advantage with his non-regulation sharp shooter specs on but got disqualified…

TJ clinched the big WIN!

Archery Badge EARNED!

After a rough day at the archery range The Zen Brothers got their midnight lakeside set crackin!

Next morning Amie was first one to step up to get her Fire Badge…


George liked to sleep late…

Rise & Shine!

Mermaid Badges were waiting to be earned…

Siggy earned hers!

Now time to earn some more Boating Badges…right after this quick photo shoot tho! Brian was getting it in!

Chenoah earned her Boating Badge…

So did Pat & Cass…

All the pups were trying to earn their Boating Badges too!

They were out in full force!

Ranger Larry even took our camp kitty out for a cruise! Willy B just wanted some fish!!

Boating Badge EARNED!

Now time to chill…

Or keep earning more badges…

Nothing gets by Sig Nasty! Gaming Badge EARNED!

TheGoodLife! FC was representing at Camp Nice!

Miranda’s been down since day one!

Willy B knows whats up!

Bree luvs the pups…

Mo loves everyone!

And Willy B loves hunting for chipmunks!

Miranda loves knitting!

Sam is lovely…

Camp Nice is for lovers…

No haters allowed! G-O-O-D-L-I-F-E-!

It was the chillest of chill…


And all that good shit…

Speaking of good shit…EDAN brought those records of warmth for our enjoyment…

Ricky was digging the selections!

And EDAN stayed digging for those gems!

Life was lovely!

Blotto’s breakfast tacos were lovely too!

And so is Bree…

Willy gets all the lovin…

Ricky wasn’t mad…

Saftey First says the Substitute Lifeguard…

No worries here…

Blue kept on reeling ’em in!

Pat was just cruzin…

Fun activities for everyone!

Who’s got next??

Still got game…

The Pasta Queens came ready to ball!

Sam got an ill jumpshot!

And they didn’t play around in the kitchen either…

Pasta for everyone! Cooking Badge EARNED!


More S’Mores!

Best dessert ever!

Then things got LIT!

The tunes were perfect! The Dardy’s came thru!

Then it was time to go find the haunted cabin!

Things started to get weird!

We all needed a hug after that experience…

The freaks definitely come out at night!

The rest of the VT Crew finally joined us and Ranger Larry was there with the warm welcome.

Matt Kruz of the Gnarmads rode his bike up from NYC to join in the festivities! Beer Badge EARNED!!

Ricky definitely earned his Beer Badge too!

Pat shredded every obstacle he found!

And The Dardy’s were showing off their skills too!

Jozie brought her A-Game!


Amanda had a mean shot too!

Back down at the lake water sports were in full effect!

It was popping!

Spirits were definitely high!

Blue was in the zone!


We eat what we catch!

And then we play!

Horseshoe Champs!

Gaming Badge EARNED!

Fireside Stick & Poke…Arts & crafts Badge EARNED!

Mermaid Badge EARNED!

We couldn’t ask for a nicer night! The moon set over the lake was EPIC!

As the morning approached the fog slowly rolled in…

It was pretty eerie but beautiful…

Misty Mornings

Pat was losing his grip…

Emel was in rare form…

Chenoah, The High Priestess, was taking it all in…

Break Night Badge EARNED!

Farnum showed up and decided to move right in! Camp Nice for LIFE!

It wasn’t bad at all…

We weren’t quite ready to leave just yet…

So we grabbed our trusty cruisers and headed down for a final wood run! Thank you Shimano Bike NYC!

It was all downhill from here…

Woodsman Squad!

Everyone pitched in…

Ranger Larry put in some quality time but had to break out….

One last paddle around the lake to say peace to our homie Hubert…

Really gonna miss these Strawberry Sunsets…

And we OUT!

Final catch!

Not to shabby!

Blue was happy!

Set them free…

Last light!

Camp Nice was exceptionally nice this year…

All our hard work definitely paid off but it was now time to finally say goodbye…

Major THANK YOU to all those who supported and survived CAMP NICE! Til next year…

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