TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter 2015 Launch NYC

To celebrate the launch of the 2015 snowboard season TheGoodLife! teamed up with our friends at Burton Snowboards for a special premier of Burton’s 2015 video “Burton Presents.” Bringing the party to Brooklyn, we packed the Villain warehouse space with friends, fam, and serious pow fiends for endless Deep Eddy cocktails, cold ones from Pacifico, an assortment of popcorn from Brooklyn Popcorn and even an unlimited Mister Softee truck inside of the party. With DJ’s Mirandom and Stretch Armstrong on the decks vaulted above the space, the night was like an old school Williamsburg party with one hell of a snowboard video thrown in the mix. From Burton pros Danny Davis, Jack Mitrani, Mark Sollors, and Kelly Clark to NYC friends like Stash, Ricky Powell, and the Gnarmads, to Jake Burton himself; all gave festive offerings to the Snow Gods in a way that can all but guarantee a big winter ahead. Peep the teaser video above by Eddie Grams and scroll down for a full gallery of photos from the night by Peter Pabon. See you on the hill!

TheGoodLife! x Burton PresentsA lil rain never hurt nobody, and definitely didn’t keep the crowd away.

TheGoodLife! x Burton PresentsThe building was ready.

TheGoodLife! x Burton PresentsThe bars were fully stocked.

TheGoodLife! x Burton PresentsThe popcorn was popped.

TheGoodLife! x Burton PresentsMirandom was on the decks.

TheGoodLife! x Burton PresentsSo the team decided to jump it off!

TheGoodLife! x Burton PresentsThe party got started right way, you know Bogdan from the Gnarmads doesn’t waste any time.

TheGoodLife! x Burton PresentsPat Hoblin was in the building early.

TheGoodLife! x Burton PresentsShred betties on deck!

D7K_5444Then Mister Softee opened up.

D7K_5441And people started getting open on the Soft Serve!

TheGoodLife! x Burton PresentsBut you know the party doesn’t start until Uncle Ricky gets there.

D7K_5496With Rick in the house it was time to start the movie!

TheGoodLife! x Burton PresentsThe only word to describe “Burton Presents” – EPIC!

TheGoodLife! x Burton Presents
Danny Davis was incognito mode, checking out the full edit for the first time himself.

TheGoodLife! x Burton PresentsWatching a snowboard movie from the bar is the best.

D7K_5571Greg D, Jake and Donna went first row for maximum stoke.

TheGoodLife! x Burton PresentsThe view from above.

TheGoodLife! x Burton PresentsSammy da Joo in Brooklyn?! You know it was a good party.

TheGoodLife! x Burton PresentsEven after the movie, people kept making moves on the popcorn.

TheGoodLife! x Burton PresentsAnd the drinks kept flowing.

TheGoodLife! x Burton PresentsStretch said “Oh word, you want me to turn up?”

D7K_5690So that’s what he did!


D7K_5710All the way up.

D7K_5666Good beards were also a theme.

D7K_5669But nobody can ever beat Greg D. Stash is working on it though.

DSC04201While the party raged, the green room did too, except it was red.

DSC04226And then it was time to take it to the after party. See you at the next one!