BridgeRollers x TheGoodLife! 2018 100 Mile 9/11 Tribute Roll

This year 9/11 seemed to creep up faster than most. In years past we would have done at least a couple 50 milers, maybe even a 75 leading up to to our annual century but here we were 100 miles or bust. The weather wanted to test us too. After evading showers on our way through Brooklyn the sky fully opened up as soon as we hit the Rockaway boardwalk. Monsoon style. The type of rain that usually stops a bike tour in its tracks. But we kept on. The odds seemed to test us this year too. Sure we always have flats but we were poppin at least one if not two tires per stop. Without Hugh Grand’s mobile fix it shop most wouldn’t have made it. And most didn’t. There were also mechanical mishaps, gnarly crashes, and sheer exhaustion. Saes joked that this year was like “I Know What You Did Last Summer: The Roll Edition” because rollers were dropping like flies. Yet still we rolled on. At one point after popping up into Pelham Manor after an amazing stretch of wooded trails in the Bronx, we felt like we were in a Harry Potter movie, because even with the challenges, the ride was magical. By the time we were headed back down the west side of Manhattan to the Tribute in Lights we weren’t even sure they were on because the haze was so thick. But we still trooped and when we finally arrived were greeted with the most surreal version of the installation yet. The lights had a glow reminiscent of an interstellar portal and the feeling we had upon stepping into them after such an arduous day was like we’d been beamed right there, everything else just fell away and we remembered, more clearly than ever, why we roll: We love NYC.
Roll with us in photos by Craig Wetherby and words by Tim Brodhagen after the jump.

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TheGoodLife! Presents: The Camp Nice Soundtrack Curated by Ricky Powell!

CAMP NICE SOUNDTRACK 2018Just in time to get you into the mood for Camp Nice comes the official Camp Nice Soundtrack curated by the one and only Ricky Powell. Commence Camp Vibes Now!


Get ready, Camp Nice is coming soon and spots are filling fast!! To reserve your place email! #TheGoodLife! #CampNice #WeMakeItNice! ⛺️🐿⛺️ Make sure to follow @camp_nice on Instagram for camp vibes & updates! Visuals by John Law.