TheGoodLife! presents The 3rd Annual ‘Winter Get Down’ 2024!

After deep consultations with the Snow Gods, we were stoked to return for our 3rd Annual ‘Winter Get Down’ at a new mountain just 2 hours north of Brooklyn for another amazing year of pure snowboard shreddery and on-mountain aprés grooves.

The Winter Get Down was created to provide affordable access to the sport and culture of snowboarding for our NYC community and to bring some extra spice to the mountains! Each year we continue to help add to the flavor of the snowboard mountain-scape and this year we really brought it properly!

Big love to all the alumni who returned this year, many of whom were just starters at the first Get Down, and have returned as fierce riders! Extra love & respect to all our new snowboarders + fresh faces who have joined the Official Winter Get Down Shred Class of 2024!

We returned to our cozy + groovy Catskill Mountains hideout and resort, Glen Falls House, where we hosted nightly Family Dinners with their incredible new chef + licensed mushroom-foraging gangster, Michelle Williams. This year we had four unique nights of programming in the Hi-Fi sound system-equipped Tavern joint featuring everything from our close friends and fam on the ones and twos, a live band set by former Olympian snowboarder + ever-evolving trendsetter, Trevor Andrew, Underbelly Comedy Night curated by our fam Cipha Sounds & His Very Funny Friends, plus an exceptionally curated snowboard photography slideshow by Burton’s master principle photographer, Dean ‘Blotto’ Gray.

We physically and mentally moved mountains this season, taking our riders and dancers to Belleayre Mountain, where we activated 3 days of on-snow music thanks to our friends at the Future Hi-Fi sound system who provide crystal clear bass + mids. Each day we took the Gondola up high where we experienced super fun late Winter/Spring conditions varying from mystic haze, 60-degree blue bird riding, and to top it off we were blessed with a bunch of fresh snow on our final day! Extra Large Big Ups to the Snow Gods!

As always we came equipped with a heavy gang of musical selectors that we couldn’t thank enough for blessing us with their sonic goodness both up on the mountain and back at Glen Falls House. Shout out to our entire DJ lineup: Aku, Angel+Dren, Cipha Sounds, Disgonuts, Dio Garcia, Fly Hendrix, HXLT, Jasmine Solano, Max Klaw, Niks, Niara Sterling, Omer Mil, Rahill, Soni withanEYE, Queen Majesty, and our host MC+DJ, Willy Soul.

Much love + gratitude to our family of brand partners, Burton Snowboards, Fat Tire, Hudson Whiskey, OvRride + Grillo’s Pickles! Thank you for supporting our mission to be able to bring our crew to the mountains to live, love and shred together once again!

Please enjoy our photo recap shot by our talented close friend and fam, Shana Jade

Our journey began with a meet up at Burton Flagship NYC with refreshments served up by Matt Kruz!

Strictly vinyl tunes were provided by Disgonuts!

NV picked up some fly Burton gear for the trip ahead…

Crew Love!

Let’s GOOOO!

The OvRride Bus crew was shreddy!

We made it…Welcome Home!

Queen Majesty warmed it up for us and it was everything we needed to set the vibes for the weekend ahead!

Spicy Balkan heated up the snack platter too…Snack Time!

The Hudson Whiskey Welcome Reception was the best way to get us nice & loosened up for the weeks festivities!

Nick Rose from Hudson Whiskey joined us to help educate and share the warm Hudson vibes as our guests arrived.

Welcome Sippers!

Family Dinner Time!

Health is Wealth!

Let the festivities begin!

We love you Michelle + Jon! Thanks once again for all the delicious bites and heart melting morsels of healthy food and vibes!

Blotto unveiled some gems from deep within his archives and took us on a journey of past to present snow missions with the BTS stories that blew minds!

We appreciate you Blotto!

Breakfast was served!

Queen Majesty Hot Sauce was the perfect addition to our BaconEggAndCheese sandwiches!

Morning Stretch with Chenoah really got the blood pumping!

We were ready…

Ready to have some fun!


NV showed us how to get down!

NYC’s own Cipha Sounds set it off for us on Day 1!

We took it to the TOP!

Misty Mountain Hop with Fly + Path!

Yeahhh Morgan!

Max Klaw dug deep and had us groovin’ into the night…

Family Vibes were in full effect!


Cipha Sounds, Caitlin Peluffo, Greg Stone, Anthony DeVito & Liam Dalton all came to make sure we laughed our asses off!

First up was Greg Stone who had us rolling in our seats…

Liam Dalton was up next and he was hysterical!

Anthony DeVito had us all crying…

Willy Soul even made a surprise impromptu guest appearance!

Caitlin Peluffo was hilarious and had us falling out of our chairs!

Thank you! That was too FUN!!

Game On!

Domino Time!

Breakfast Time! Thanks Cocojune!

Mountain Time!

Disco Balls Galore!

Up First!

The crew was loving these conditions…

Akira was feeling the vibes!

Rahill got the party started!

Best day to learn new skillz!

New recruits were out there WINNING!

It was a Lovely Day! Thank you Elsa + Sabby!!

The whole fam was on top of the world!

We feel ya Jared!

DeDe was enjoying those soft Spring park hits!

Next up on the sun deck was Niara Sterling!

NV was glowing…LIT-ERALLY!

All Praise the SunGods!

T-Shirt Daze for Matt!

Grillo’s Pickles made the perfect topping for our lunch sandwiches made fresh daily by The Village East Cafe…Thank you Mario!

Warm & Spicy aprés sippers by Hetta Glogg really hit the spot!

Shema was shining!!

It was truly a family affair at Belleayre!

The kids were all right!

Jasmine started the Snow Dance!

Cheers Fat Tire!

What a great day!!!

Love was in the air!

Aku brought us on a mystical ride into the night!

Nikki was first on the dance floor!

Trouble Gang was in the building!


As soon as Trouble Andrew hit the stage the dance floor erupted!

Energy was turned wayyyy UP!


HXLT sent it to another level after their set!

Upstate NY wasn’t ready!

Fly Hendrix took us Up, Up and Away!

Trouble hit the mountain…and some jackets on the way up!

We took it to the TOP!

Trouble Gang was ready to shred!

Mellow Vibes!

Sam Sam the Pickle Man from Grillo’s Pickles even made a special guest appearance!

Angel + Dren turned up the bass-lodge!

All the snow dances we did actually worked and it started DUMPING!!!

Real Life Snow Angels!

Queen Majesty got the energy right for a proper ‘Send Off’!

All the Queens showed up!

Niks came to get this party turned up even higher!

Chenoah went to Outer Space!

We were LITTTTT!

Go Jasmine!

We really sent it all night!

Niara took us to another level!

Til the end…

Peace Out…Until next time!

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