Harif Guzman (aka HACULLA) and RETNA just launched their latest collaborative exhibition titled “TWO LATINOS IN AMERICA” in Southhampton, L.I. “It’s about America and drugs and immigration and shit” was pretty close to Harif’s explanation.
After rolling up I totally got it, metaphorically it’s huge in the current ‘Merica type climate we’re submerged in. There’s a lot on the table with immigration and “Latino-Americans” and having this show in a half built mansion means something huge. If you go to any construction site, most construction workers and builders are not just white 10th generation Americans so it translated the current state of our country pretty perfectly.

If you happen to be out in the Hamptons go check it out:
173 Old Sag Harbor Road
South Hampton, L.I.
Sept 1st – Sept 5th

Mike Galata