TheGoodLife! Presents: Jeff Koons x Jake Burton “The Philosopher” Release

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-2944This past week we had the great honor of producing an evening of celebration for an epic partnership between two icons: Jeff Koons and Jake Burton. In their first ever collaborative project, the duo created “The Philosopher,” an extremely limited run of 50 hand numbered snowboards inspired by Plato and the “transcendant” nature of snowboarding. Snowboard enthusiasts and art connoisseurs alike vied for the chance to purchase one of the $5,000 pieces with 100% proceeds going to Burton’s CHILL organization, for a night that was unlike many others in the snowboard world. Take a look in photos by Jacob Breinholt below.

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-2648The full run.

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-2629Inspiration Case.

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-2627The Philosopher himself.

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-2653#1 to #50.

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-2659Plato is my copilot.

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-2690Seat of honor.

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-2981The Architects: Jeffrey Deitch, Jake Burton, and Jeff Koons.

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-3177The details.

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-2842The Family: Jeff Koons, AMD, and Gred D.

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-3044Nianga on the mix.

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-3101Harif Guzman and Edda Petursdottir.

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-3135Marianne Derson and Christina Caradona.

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-3035Cipha Sounds came thru.

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-2909So did Chris Nunez.

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-2834Michael Halsband too.

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-3184Luana Lima and Gui Machado came straight from Brasil.

jacob-breinholt-nyc2016-3196And of course TheGoodLife! Fam. Thanks to everyone who came out and congrats again to Jake and Jeff!

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