TheGoodLife! Hideout Huntington Beach 2015 Powered by Avery Dennison RBIS

TheGoodLife! Hideout Huntington Beach 2015On a perfect California weekend amidst the craze of The US Open of Surfing, we popped up in a secret location in Huntington Beach to present TheGoodLife! Hideout Huntington Beach! Powered by our partners at Avery Dennison, we designed the ultimate oasis, a place to create and connect while feeling completely off the grid at the same time. From our custom apparel lab to our 2nd floor barbershop to our poolside bar and grill, the Hideout set a new standard for the term “event activation.” Thanks to Owney’s Rum and Primo Beer for the hospitality, Frank’s Chop Shop for the cuts, Ian Longwell for the tunes, Benji Weatherley for the BBQ, Momentum for the bikes, Bien Conectao for the domino tables and our friends at SHUT Skates, Union Surf, Waves for Water, Surf Haiti, Sea Shepherd, and Marley Natural for being down with TheGoodLife! Hit the jump for a gallery of photos by Craig Wetherby and Carlos Baptista that show just a bit of the work and play that went on at the Hideout. Enjoy!

TheGoodLife! Hideout Huntington Beach 2015First things first. Before anything else Ian had to test out the pool!

HIDEOUT-EDIT_05Then came the beer delivery. Thanks Primo!

HIDEOUT-EDIT_06The scene was starting to get set.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_09We enlisted Chris P. Cutts from the Chop Shop as official Primo tester. He also popped off the first 1 of 1 piece, a soccer inspired TheGoodLife! x Chop Shop tee. Hard work indeed!

HIDEOUT-EDIT_11When Leslie from Owney’s showed up, we knew it was on. Peep her custom 1 of 1 “Bam Bam” apron!

IMG_3931So many options! Avery Dennison kills it.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_16Sometimes you just gotta start simple.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_07With some pool side essentials.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_17Waves for Water hats came out sick.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_10Steve Hash ridin clean in his first creation.

10Benji Weatherley getting tech on the heat presses.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_32And on the grill.

IMG_7136Before Chris got tech on his shape up.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_14Jamie Rosquist getting her feet wet.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_25The presses stayed poppin.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_26Crankin out those 1 of 1’s!

HIDEOUT-EDIT_28Ho99o9 was in the house.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_22Cookin up some marvelous shit.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_35The possibilities were endless.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_34Nancy Gomez from BFA was seeing them.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_23Can’t forget about the shoes too. 1 of 1 Vans!

IMG_6544_1This is not the face of a mad man.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_18It’s the homie Nate Bozung hitting the Chop Shop between sessions on the presses – he made his whole fall 2015 line!

HIDEOUT-EDIT_04We unveiled two new domino table collabs with our friends at Bien Conectao. This one features one of Jimmy Chin’s photos.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_31While the other has a shot from Cole Barash. Hit us up if ya want one!

HIDEOUT-EDIT_19After so much hard work we had to eat, so Charlie Brown hopped on the grill like a pro.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_33We didn’t stay hungry for long!

HIDEOUT-EDIT_03Post dinner sunset cruise was a must, especially since we had our fleet of Momentum bikes.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_01You gotta love Cali.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_08Then it was back to the Hideout.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_36Where Ayler was already racked up.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_30Chris got down to business. That’s a hell of a 1 of 1!

HIDEOUT-EDIT_21Not to be outdone, Laura Austin and Gus Cawley went Hamilton on a hoodie too.

HIDEOUT-EDIT_20As the last light faded, the Hideout came to a close. Stay tuned for the movie and see you next year!

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