TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview Party NYC 2015

BurtonParty2015_MILK_Chelsea_NYC_G.LHeureux-5370No summer in NYC is complete without our annual rooftop rager with Burton to kick things off. This year was no different. Perfect weather plus amazing people plus beaucoup booze and food scored to the ultimate soundtrack. Need we say more? Thanks to Nianga Niang (Illuminati AMS) and DJ Gravy for killing it, Sweet Chick for next level BBQ, Burton team riders Shaun White, Danny Davis, Mark McMorris, Mikkel Bang, Kimmy Fasani, and Kelly Clark for representing and Sailor Jerry, Reyka Vodka, Milagro Tequila, and Pacifico cerveza for helping it all wash down proper! Peep the night in photos from Gabe L’Hereaux, Mel. D Cole and Craig Wetherby below. Can’t wait for next year!

BurtonParty2015_MILK_Chelsea_NYC_G.LHeureux-5066The calm before the storm…Nianga warms things up. in the house: legends Kelly Clark and Kimmy Fasani.

BurtonParty2015_MILK_Chelsea_NYC_G.LHeureux-5155No party in NYC goes down without Alex Corporan.


BurtonParty2015_MILK_Chelsea_NYC_G.LHeureux-5263 All smiles from Mark McMorris, Mikkel Bang and George Carpenter.

BurtonParty2015_MILK_Chelsea_NYC_G.LHeureux-5225There were treats.

Burton 6.3.15- By Mel D. Cole-1And more treats.

Burton 6.3.15- By Mel D. Cole-3And even more treats.

Burton 6.3.15- By Mel D. Cole-5Seriously even more treats!

Burton 6.3.15- By Mel D. Cole-40Sweet Chick brought the serious BBQ game.

Burton 6.3.15- By Mel D. Cole-28Mmmmmm.

Burton 6.3.15- By Mel D. Cole-6The perfect compliment to Sailor Jerry.

BurtonParty2015_MILK_Chelsea_NYC_G.LHeureux-5294The usual suspects…

BurtonParty2015_MILK_Chelsea_NYC_G.LHeureux-5410Anyone recognize this guy?

GREG_D&JEFF_KOONSGreg D and Jeff Koons.

COLE&LADIESLadies Love Cool Cole.

BurtonParty2015_MILK_Chelsea_NYC_G.LHeureux-5425Danny and Marge, why always so serious?

BurtonParty2015_MILK_Chelsea_NYC_G.LHeureux-5396Right on queue, Gravy done brought it!

Burton 6.3.15- By Mel D. Cole-132Jasmine and Nicole with the cosign.

Burton 6.3.15- By Mel D. Cole-133Micro Don in the building!

Burton 6.3.15- By Mel D. Cole-134All hail Pacifico.

Burton 6.3.15- By Mel D. Cole-145Oh haiiii.

Burton 6.3.15- By Mel D. Cole-146TJ and Zelda feeling the love.

BurtonParty2015_MILK_Chelsea_NYC_G.LHeureux-5476Then it got wavy.

BurtonParty2015_MILK_Chelsea_NYC_G.LHeureux-5480Like extra wavy.

BurtonParty2015_MILK_Chelsea_NYC_G.LHeureux-5488Waves on waves.

MARK_MIKKEL&DANNYFrom us and the Burton Boys – see ya next year!

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