Introducing The Asymbol x TheGoodLife! Collection

Introducing the Asymbol x TheGoodLife! CollectionToday we are proud to announce our latest project, a collaborative limited edition photo series with our friends at Asymbol in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Introducing the Asymbol x TheGoodLife! Collection

The idea for this collaboration between Asymbol and TheGoodLife! was hatched under the Manhattan Bridge in the summer of 2013. It went something like this: How can we connect our worlds from the brooding NYC skyline to the majestic Tetons through art? The answer we arrived at was quite simple: By co-curating a special edition of prints from a group of photographers that share a passion for both environs. And who also happen to be our good friends.

Through this project we wanted to showcase images that conveyed the beauty and adventure found in journeying from the city to the mountains each winter, a pilgrimage any devoted snow enthusiast can identify with.

Whether it’s the raw grandeur of Pakistan’s Karakorum range experienced through the lens of Jimmy Chin, a desolate stretch of Icelandic highway frozen in time by Laura Austin, an abstract capture of a chairlift by Dean Blotto Gray, or a moment of snowy bliss caught by Cole Barash, there’s a dimension to each of these images that goes beyond what we can simply see with our eyes, a dimension that speaks directly to our souls.

At their core, each of these images expresses a highly charged sense of immediacy, of being right there, in the moment. It’s this moment that compels us to stand up and take notice. And by capturing this moment, we’re given a chance to pause and revel in the crisp, cold winter air around us. That is what living is all about.