TheGoodLife! recently ventured up to Beautiful British Columbia, Canada with The Trouble Gang for another action packed adventure that consisted of a ton of sushi, lush vegetation, snowboarding, partying and an epic show on the main stage at the Telus Festival in Whistler to top off a week of complete madness! We kicked off the trip with some mellow down time in Squampton, and a few late night band rehearsals along with some lurking in Vancouver.

It was good to finally link up with the homies from the snow world that we don’t get to see that often due to hectic travel schedules but when it lines up that we’re all in one spot together you never know what can happen. After a few campfire BBQ’s and some skate sessions in the hood we trekked up to the mountain to partake in the festivities that awaited. Our crew consisted of a bunch of up & coming shredders as well as a few legends and we all got to enjoy some epic Spring riding to end this season properly!

This was another mission for the history books so peep the images that follow to see what went down!

Coast to Coast

Trouble in the lab

We burned it down…

Til we knocked out!

Arctic Ninja

The Infamous Blotto

The Wigan Pier

Fish & Chips!!

Blotto got laid back on the mini…

Along with Mikkel Bang…



And Eagle Bear Monkey!

And then we ran into some “Skull Dude” poser in Downtown Squamish trying to get down with Trouble Gang…

But we already got the most official Skull Dude so beat it weirdo!

We decided to head across the tracks for a little BBQ action over the campfire…

Things started to heat up…

And when you play with fire you might get burned…

Dragon Style!

The next day we were greeted by our grumpy roomate who was pissed that she had to wear this stupid cone on her head…

So we baked up some eggs…

And then picked up our new ride and dipped down to Vancouver to get some rehearsal time in before the show.

But we got distracted lurking in the alley…

And had to leave our mark before heading into the studio…

It was a long nite so we swerved out of the city and back up to the Trouble Compound

And it was time to get up to Whistler to get our shred & party on…

But not before Masa got his fix of Sushi Goemon

And Trouble hit up the skatepark!

But we finally made it!

To the TOP!!

So we continued living it UP!!

This dude really knows the meaning of TheGoodLife!

Masa Hefner in the house!

First stop Sushi Village

Where we joined up with the rest of the crew and the festivities officially started…Kanpai Mikey!

Trouble was down!

The night could’ve been a messy one but we kept it easy as the show was the next day and had to be up early for sound check.

But as soon as the sun went down Trouble hit the stage and got the place smoked out!

Everyone up in Canada burns that good shit! Peep dude in the front row getting nice…but sharing is caring bro so pass that shit!

Now on to the after-party…

Swollen Members got the spot popping but we were getting our eyeballs fried by the lazers so slid out back to the chrondo.

Mad Child & Trouble Andrew

It felt good to bake up early to a nice bowl of some BC goodness for breakfast…

Then we linked up with DCP & Terje for another epic day of shredding…

And then Trouble did some bong hits!

It was our last night in town and Mat the Alien burned the spot down with some lazers he brought in from outer space…our retinas started sizzling so it was good that we had the red-eye flight back home!

We definitely lived it up proper style but unfortunately had to head back to NYC so drove back to Van to catch our flight…

Stopped by another skatepark on the way…

Seen some Urban Dinosaurs…

And some weird Space Station…

But had to escape before any riots started…Sorry Canucks!

And if you happen to be up in Vancouver on May 26th come check Trouble Andrew opening up for Santigold at The Commodore!

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