Redman & Method Man Get the US Open!

It’s a TheGoodLife! tradition that’s been going down for more than 15 years – our annual pilgrimage to the US Open of Snowboarding in Stratton, Vermont. Hosted by Jake Burton and the entire staff of Burton Snowboards, the Open is the last great East Coast event in shred and still standing strong after 30 years! And while not every year gets blessed with the supreme combination of weather, ill shredding, and parties, this year all three aligned to perfection. From our sponsored transportation by MINI to the shred-fest timewarp that was the Washed Up Cup to a morning gondola run with Jake and the Brooklyn OPS crew to the blowout show from Redman and Method Man followed by all night dominoes at the Blotto Photto Insta Pop Up Gallery, it was an Open for the history books. Without further ado, please enjoy our trip in pictures by Craig Wetherby. Until next year…

Our fresh ride for the weekend…Compact Luxury!

Time to get Open.

First stop – The Washed Up Cup. The Senior Citizen roster was in full effect!

Snow Cat making sure the course was proper!


We all miss the legendary Birds Nest…

Whassup Driscoll??

Yo DJ A Dog, how many 40 year olds are in this contest?

Our ride to the TOP!

We were really high.

Welcome back Danny Davis!

Your fans love ya kid!

Benji Farrow blasting off to take 3rd in the finals!

The crowd was getting hype!

Louie Vito coming in heavy with his patented run of 4 doubles in a row!

Always good to see the homie Danny Kass back in action and going as BIG as ever!

Fellow GoodLifers, Laura Austin & Blotto hard at work…

Damn!! Shaun White busting 20 feet plus outta the SuperPipe for the 1st place win…SURPRISE!

Rassi from Milk NYC rolling VIP style with Greg D & Jake

Thought Jake was a Celtics fan???

Big congrats to the ladies! Yeah Elena!!

This guys was prepared for what was about to go down…

Time to celebrate!

A little pre-party at the Sushi Bar in Stratton Village…what you know about Dreamy Clouds???


A-Dog settin it off!

Donna, KP, Jake & Ethan Deiss

Even some of the city kids made it up for the festivities…Kevin from Franks Chop Shop getting warmed up!

Mike Malbon, Danny Kass, Greg Bretz, Brad Clarke & Michael Cohen all up in the VIP!

We thought we smelled Wu-Tang in the building.

Redman hit the stage running…

Meth warming up the crowd…


Killa Beez on a swarm!

More LazerCraze!

Redman dives in!

Late nite bones at the InstaPopUp with Blotto, A Dog, StatusKicks and TheGoodLife! Get a set here!

First run the next day we ran into Captain Kook!

At the end of the day…its all about riding with the homies…

Back in BROOKLYN…Home Sweet Home!