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Paradise Trip // Big Island

Meg Haywood Sullivan


Big Island, Hawaii

Meg Haywood Sullivan

The U.S. Open of Snowboarding 2015

This years Burton U.S. Open of Snowboarding in Vail, Colorado was definitely one of the most epic shred events to date! From the foot of fresh POW that we were blessed with, to the best snowboarders in the world pushing the limits of progression & style, to the late night ragers & domino tournaments, this trip was one for the history books! Words can’t really explain how dope this experience was so we put together a nice gallery of film photos so you can see what went down.
More photos by Craig Wetherby after the jump…

The Eagle Had Landed!

And so did G-Pen Chris…

It was good to be back in the Mile High!

Where the air & the treez were so fresh…

And Status Jeff became one with nature…

It really was heavenly!

After a lovely day of shredding, it was time to enjoy some more good times with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros…

It was nice to see our Frends enjoying themselves…

And it was all love as always…

After a long, blurry night it was time to get focused and Blotto was on point as usual!

Greg Bretz was getting things warmed up…

And our little brother, Louie Vito, was ready to drop in next…

Gabi Viteri was enjoying the beautiful weather and some fresh turns in her TGL! x Avery Dennison 1 0f 1 custom hoodie…

Zack Dalton & Mark McMorris we’re enjoying the day too!

The spirits were flying high!

And Danny Davis was getting higher than most…

Taylor Gold was boosting too!

With steez all the way down to the parking lot…

Luke Mitrani was feeling the vibes!

Arthur Longo put down some solid runs…and had enough style points to earn him 2nd place!

As always, the poachers always get the most style points at the Open…Greg Bretz with the huge double grab!

But in our eyes, Danny always wins on the style tip…

After a great day watching some of the most progressive halfpipe riding ever witnessed we were off to enjoy the nightlife with Girl Talk setting the town on fire!

Danny, Jake & Mark were feeling it!

One of the highlights of our weekend was the A-Dog Tribute with DJ Maseo & Ali Shaheed Muhammad bringing back the old school vibes…Andy Williams was definitely in the building and shining larger than life! Rest in Power DJ A-Dog!!

After all the competitions & partying was done, it was good to get some runs in with Blotto & the homies like it was 1995!

Josh Merson was repping his 1 of 1!

Hannah Teter even took us to her private powder stash to visit her friend Danger Mouse!

Unfortunately, the weekend had to come to an end but not without the official U.S. G-Pen Closing Party…

Some friendly games of pool…

And of course we couldn’t leave without taking some money on the custom Blotto x Bien Conectao Domino Table!

Major thank you to everyone at Burton Snowboards for taking it up a notch once again and creating yet another amazing memory in the history of snowboarding!

Til next year…

TheGoodLife! Mile High Tour 2015: The Movie

As if the pictures weren't enough, may we present TheGoodLife! Mile High Tour 2015: The Movie. Video by Eddie Grams. Music by TJ Mizell. Enjoy!

TheGoodLife! Mile High Tour 2015 Rewind

TheGoodLife! Mile High Tour 2015Was it all a dream? Sometimes it seems that way. When Timbo, Craig, Roofeeo, TJ Mizell, and Grams embarked on TheGoodLife! 2015 Mile High Tour, we had only a slight idea of what was in store. From powder chasing across the Rockies to high life living in Aspen to our Denver takeover with Burton to face melting with Diplo, if we didn’t have the pictures to prove it, we might not even believe it was real. Luckily we do. Hit the jump for TheGoodLife! Mile High Tour photo rewind with photos by Craig Wetherby, Gabe L’Heuruex and Eddie Grams and words by Tim Brodhagen. Special thanks goes to Burton Snowboards, House of Marley, Avery Dennison, G-Pen, Pacifico, Colorado Ski Co, Loveland and Copper Mountain. And away we go!

MHT-RECAP09Ah Denver, beautiful but bone dry. Good thing the #SNOWGODS just landed!

MHT-RECAP25Because as soon as we did, it started to snow! The Mile High Tour had begun…

MHT-RECAP26Tunnel Vision!

MHT-RECAP21First things first – the Mile High Tour is about many things, but first of all it’s about snowboarding and the squad was ready.

MHT-RECAP22 Correction – first things first…

MHT-RECAP01And we were off!

MHT-RECAP03Pray for Snow and the #SNOWGODS deliver.

MHT-RECAP02Up and away.

MHT-RECAP05We got the goods.


MHT-RECAP24After pow day #1 it was on to the next.

MHT-RECAP23Not without proper medication of course!

SNOWGODS_CREWOnce the crew was assembled…

MHT-RECAP37We headed into the icy abyss.

CB6B2357This was our reward. For the full story on TheGoodLife! Hideout Aspen 2015 go here and here.

MHT-RECAP11After shutting down The Hideout we took it back to Denver for some fun with our friends at Burton Snowboards.

MHT-RECAP57We had the Durable Goods zone on lock: Bones…


MHT-RECAP10Babes in tents.

MHT-RECAP15Air Hockey. (In which Timbo maintained his lifetime unbeaten streak with a mauling of Roofeeo.)

MHT-RECAP49Hula Hooping.

MHT-RECAP50Tree Hugging.

MHT-RECAP56And even giant games of Jenga.

BurtonSIA2015_Denver_CO_G.LHeureux-7686Of course we had to turn up too.

MHT-RECAP28And once we were up we could only keep going – so we hopped a stretch Caddy with The House of Marley and headed to Red Rocks for the Damian Marley and Major Lazer show.

MHT-RECAP31The venue is unreal!

MHT-RECAP29Jah Rastafari!

MHT-RECAP30The view from backstage.

MHT-RECAP63Then Diplo hit the stage.

MHT-RECAP52And shit got lit!

MHT-RECAP64So much bass!!!

MHT-RECAP66Roofeeo and the Lazerettes.

MHT-RECAP62It was time to make moves.

MHT-RECAP53Diplo’s afterparty was crazier than the first show.

MHT-RECAP54Told ya!

unnamedBy the end we were all in space.

MHT-RECAP34Multiple missions completed there was only one thing left to do – head back to the mountains. But not without a stop at our friendly neighborhood dispensary (which used to be an A&W) Native Roots.

MHT-RECAP35The state troops were there too, and it was all good.

MHT-RECAP33Finally after a few more days of this…




MHT-RECAP45It was time to head back east. To the Mile High, we’ll see you next year!