TheGoodLife! Bag-O-Bones

THEGOODLIFE! BAG-O-BONESJust in time for the dog days of summer, we’d like to introduce TheGoodLife! Bag-O-Bones! Our all-new travel domino set comes in an organic hemp/cotton bag handmade in Vermont and features a 100% hemp scorepad by NYC’s Canvas Society, a TheGoodLife! x Bic lighter and TheGoodLife! x Sharpie Mini. Perfect for beach missions, road trips, or just backyard bangin’ TheGoodLife! Bag-O-Bones is the ultimate summer gaming accessory. Available in limited quantities, get yours at TheGoodLife! store today!

The Frendly Gathering 2014

Last weekend TheGoodLife! ventured into the Green Mountains to celebrate life with our extended Vermont family at The Frendly Gathering. Each year our frends Danny Davis & Jack Mitrani put together a one of a kind experience, at Timber Ridge Resort in Southern Vermont, which encompasses some of the finest elements life has to offer…Fresh air, fun music, healthy food, good peoples, and all around great vibes!  More photos after the jump…

Craig Wetherby

Welcome to The Frendly Gathering!

Upon arrival at our campsite we knew things were going to be very chill seeing how Blotto was enjoying himself already…

Meanwhile, Chenoah was making sure the tent set-up was just right!

Some people had come with slightly elevated accommodations.

Even Burton brought out their latest arsenal of camping gear for all to enjoy!

But Katie took it up a notch with her Good Peoples bungalow!

Our zone was naturally enhanced with TheGoodLife! Pro Series Deluxe Domino Set and the “Get Together” from The House of Marley…

While Greg made sure everyone was enjoying themselves as always…

He finally found DHARMA!

As we journeyed through the forest we discovered an oasis full of music and dancing…

As love filled the air everywhere we looked.

When LYNX took over the barn and got everyone extra warm and bubbly…

Status Jeff was working hard to get the stage set for the late night surprise.

Its all fun and games until someone loses a finger!

Things really stared to heat up once the sun set…

Then Shakey Graves hit the stage and set the tone for the rest of the night.

Getting to know our neighbors.

All the fine ladies were out and ready for what the night had in store…

While this chick had everyone mesmerized with her moves…

Twiddle gave their last performance of the weekend perched up in kush tree nests…

But these guys weren’t ready for it to be over yet.

Luckily the treez were there to guide us home.

Unfortunately, we had to pack it up…

‘Til next year…

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff NYC!

TheGoodLife! x Burton Summer Kickoff 2014!Our annual party with Burton Snowboards on the roof of Milk Studios has become something of an urban legend: the perfect jump off that hits just once a year and signals the official beginning of summer in the city. This year the party gods showed their favor on the event to an even higher level as a wet muggy morning bloomed into sunny cloudless afternoon before a sunset that has us feeling like we were partying in heaven. Yes it was that good. With flowing tropical cocktails from Peligroso, Captain Morgan and Smirnoff, ice cold Red Stripes and a raging dance floor courtesy of DJ’s Smoke L.E.S. and Florencia Galarza it was, well, perfect. Take a look at a sneak peek at Burton’s 2015 winter line and appearances from Shaun White, Jeff Koons, and Jake Burton plus team riders Danny Davis, Mark McMorris, Kimmy Fasani, and Kelly Clark, in our full gallery of photos from Peter Pabon. Can’t wait til next year!

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff!Next year’s boards looking proper!

DSC08664Oh word, candy?!

DSC086652015 sticker preview.

DSC08695Remember old glider planes?

DSC08652A few of the drinks on the menu.

DSC08714The bar was stocked!

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff!Danny, Kimmy, and Mark showed up nice and early, looks like Danny could use a new sunglass sponsor tho.

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff!Anyone in the mood for watermelon?

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff!Or an old fashioned icy?

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff!JZ and Braydon Szafranski ready to rock!

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff!Jeff Koons and Jake Burton in the building, might a collabo be in the works?

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff!The roof was starting to heat up.

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff!Thanks to posses like this.

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff!Christina Caradona from Trop Rouge and her friend came in peace.

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff!Florencia Galarza on the decks – she got it poppin!

TheGoodLife! x Florencia GalarzaThat’s her “I know I’m killing it” smirk.

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff!DJ Smoke L.E.S. with NA from Deadline and Mike Malbon from Frank’s Chop Shop.

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff!Ayo Roofeeo!

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff!TJ Mizell was stoked!

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff!Alex Corporan always brings a good crew.

DSC08898Steve Reaves, Valissa Yoe, Craig Wetherby, Jasmine Solano & Miranda Maxwell

DSC08929Sammy da Joo

DSC08951Nicole Nadeau, Rata & Chenoah

DSC08967The Three Amigos.

DSC08985Amsterdam in the house.

DSC08927Tim and Marlen were glowing.

DSC09008Kacey was turning up!

DSC09022Burton makes you smile.

DSC09033Burton Global PR Director Abby Young enjoying the last of the light.

DSC08963Time to say buh bye to the sun!

DSC09042And hello to the night!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHayley Simpson, Burton’s Abby Shaw and friend.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Snobette’s Samia wasn’t even close to done!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThings started getting waaavy…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut Petey just kept rockin!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo did Anne-Marie and Greg Dacyshyn.

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff!Shaun was with it.

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff!So were they.

TheGoodLife! x Burton Winter Preview x Summer Kickoff!But finally we came to the last song – next stop the after party! See you next year!

Skate Plaza in the Woods

Terrain_VtSkatePlaza_Blotto_0226Deep in the Vermont woods lies a beautifully thought out skate plaza, nestled away on the side of a lush mountain, hand built over the course of a couple of years, now seeing daily skateboarding activities. Luckily, for TheGoodLife! and Best Ever crews, we knew how to decipher Chef’s witty code and learn the location of this secret hideaway, enjoying a weekend of skateboarding madness with the locals. Chef’s vision for this backyard skate plaza is genius, while the execution of something to this degree is next level; gotta give it up for the dedication to making it happen for the love of skateboarding. This was our first mission to the plaza with plans of additional visits once Chef sends out the invite…stay tuned. More photos after the jump…









Mountain Top NITS


Sunday funday was heading up to Stowe Mountain (Vermont) with the skateboards and seeing what we could get done shredding whatever was available…be it dirt or crete mixed in with random found materials…NITS (nothing into something). This healthy crew was Kyle Burroughs and Stefan Echo on the board tricks, with Vermont’s own Shem Roose on the filming tip, contributing this footage to a ‘work in progress’ local VT skate flick.

Enjoy the pics…Blotto