Heli Follows the Rider


A big part of filming in the back country is using the helicopter, not only for a ride back to the top, but you have the option to take the doors off and strap the photographer and cinematographer to the side. As you can see in this photo, the filmer is standing on the side of the machine as it follows the rider down the mountain hitting over sized jumps. As you could imagine, this is a thrilling way to document the Earth (and action) below you! One could never grow tired of hanging from the side of this flying machine as it moves around the Alaskan mountains.


Fire in the Sky

Bleeker & Carmine, NYC – 2009
Akira Ruiz

Babes and birds. Moab, Utah.

Meg Haywood Sullivan


TheGoodLife! Bag-O-Bones

THEGOODLIFE! BAG-O-BONESJust in time for the dog days of summer, we’d like to introduce TheGoodLife! Bag-O-Bones! Our all-new travel domino set comes in an organic hemp/cotton bag handmade in Vermont and features a 100% hemp scorepad by NYC’s Canvas Society, a TheGoodLife! x Bic lighter and TheGoodLife! x Sharpie Mini. Perfect for beach missions, road trips, or just backyard bangin’ TheGoodLife! Bag-O-Bones is the ultimate summer gaming accessory. Available in limited quantities, get yours at TheGoodLife! store today!

The Frendly Gathering 2014

Last weekend TheGoodLife! ventured into the Green Mountains to celebrate life with our extended Vermont family at The Frendly Gathering. Each year our frends Danny Davis & Jack Mitrani put together a one of a kind experience, at Timber Ridge Resort in Southern Vermont, which encompasses some of the finest elements life has to offer…Fresh air, fun music, healthy food, good peoples, and all around great vibes!  More photos after the jump…

Craig Wetherby

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